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Get 3 Sets of Our Popular Tinsel Holiday Themed Model LYTECORDZ! Our Tinsel Models Change Color on BOTH ENDS of the Cord, providing a cool, color changing rainbow effect. We have different exterior colors available, and our holiday Triple Pack includes Red, Green, and Silver, WITH Matching Light Up Wall and Car Adapters! We are EVEN Extending our Warranty on these all the Way out to March 25th! So your totally covered after the Holidays!

TRIPLE PACK of LYTECORDZ - VORTEX - Spiral Moving Single Color Light - iPhone , Android Micro , or TYPE C Charging Cord


A 3 Pack of our Top Selling Vortex Model.  Add a light up wall and car plug at a discounted rate! 

TRIPLE PACK - LYTECORDZ - BEATZ - Sound Sensitive Dynamic Lights - iPhone , Android Micro , or TYPE C Charging Cord

$ 21.99

A THREE PACK of LYTECORDZ BEATZ! ADD Light up wall and car chargers too! Embedded multicolor LED Lights Are SOUND AND MUSIC SENSITIVE! The Lights dance and move to the beat of the music. Available in multiple exterior colors Available in iPhone, Android Micro, and Type C models.

TRIPLE PACK of LYTECORDZ - EMOJI - Multicolor Lights - Different Emoji Character Options - iPhone , Android Micro , or TYPE C Charging Cord

$ 21.99

EMOJI LyteCordz have Multicolor Lights, with an LED emoji character head on the end that plugs into the phone. Please note, due to the location of the EMOJI, certain cases make block proper connection of this type of cord. We offer small extenders to alleviate this problem, and all purchasers of an emoji cord can get 50% off a dock extender by using the code "EMOJI" at checkout. Link to extenders can be found HERE.

Light Up Cat Ear Headphones

$ 14.99

Thrill the Animal Lover in your life with these fun and stylish light up Kitty Cat Headphones! 3 Light Settings Controlled by a Simple Button Push - Off, Flashing, or Solid. Uses a simple rechargeable watch style battery. Battery is for light function only, audio will still work with no battery, and a single battery can last up to 6 months with normal use. Package also includes FREE Extra Battery! Great Audio Quality for the Price! I mean....they aren't super studio quality.....but they are actu ...

Multicolor Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

$ 24.99

Thrill any cat lover in your life with these sweet LED Cat Ear Headphones! -BlueTooth / Wireless Functionalty -Rechargable -Built In Microphone for Hands-Free Talking -LED Light Up Function Cylcles Through the Entire Color Spectrum! -90 Day Warranty Direct From LyteCordz!

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