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The LyteCordz LootBox Subscription Will Make Sure You Have a Steady Supply of all the SWEETEST Led Light Up Phone and Home Accessories available the the known Galaxy. ( That claim is subject to change in the event of alien or extradimensional contact)

Let's face it. Phone stuff gets lost and broken. Your kid rips it out of the wall. Your dog chews it up. Your Brother in Law Borrows it for a trip to Malaysia, and it becomes a permanent resident. 

Phone Accessories are like razor blades. You think your going to have the same one forever, and when you need a new one, you know it really fast.  Then, you find yourself running to the gas station or the drug store to pay 5 times as much for a crummy cord because your phone died, and your favorite YouTuber is live streaming. Don't get caught in that situation.

The LYTECORDZ Lootbox has you covered. 

For $5.00 a Month, we will make SURE you have that sweet, sweet, power both you AND your phone crave.  Here are your options:

1. We will credit your account $25.00 every 3 months, and you can use it however you like. That's $25.00 worth of swag every 3 months for $15.00

2. We will automatically send you a LootBox with $25.00 worth of stuff every 3 months. Don't worry....we will send you the COOL SWAG.


As a LOOTBOX Subscriber, Twice a Year, we will send you a FREE SAMPLE of any new LYTECORDZ Products that we post, and ask for your feedback.  Because you're awesome.

In addition, your Warranty on all products is AUTOMATICALLY extend to 6 months instead of 90 days.

See...the cool thing is, LYTECORDZ make great last minute gifts. So if you don't need the stuff in your LOOTBOX right now, stash it in a drawer and give it to Little Timmy or Uncle Joe as a birthday gift, know....we never forget to buy presents for people.

And that's the DEAL! $5.00 a month and you get VIP Status at LYTECORDZ.COM! Any questions? Drop us an email as or hit us up with the little chat box in the corner!

Don't Take Our Word For it! Here's What Our Customers Think:

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