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What Type Should I Get?

What Cord Type Should I Get?

There are a lot of different cord types out there......and there are new ones coming out everyday. We want to make sure you order the right type of cord for your we made up this handy dandy little guide to help out. Currently, about 90% of the devices out there use 1 of 3 types of cords. The best thing to do is find a charging cord you currently own, and compare the tip that plugs into the DEVICE to the images below.

This is an APPLE Lightning Cord. Currently, all iPhone models 5 and higher use this type of connector, as well as all model iPads 2 and higher. If you have an Apple/iPhone device made within the last 6 years, this is the cord you need. No other device uses this type of cord, as it is proprietary to Apple devices. 

This is an ANDROID MICRO Connector.  Most (But not all) older Samsung Devices use this type of cord. Many other brands use this type as well. Please check another charging cord you already own closely to make sure you get the right type of LYTECORD! Notice the tapered end of the cord, meaning it only fits into the phone in one direction. 


This is a TYPE C Connector. Some newer Samsung Models use this connector type, as well as many other brands such as LG or Lenova. This is the newest type of Connector, and many devices are adopting it, because it is much easier to plug in (you can plug in from either direction), and generally has a faster charging and data transfer speed. Please note the connector type is round all the way around. It is easy to confuse this type with an Android Micro. Please compare to a charging cord you currently own to make sure you get the right type!

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