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My LyteCord won't light up or charge my phone!

Lytecordz use a fiber optic technology that relies on a tight connection with the charging port on your phone.  If you are using a thick case, it is possible the cord is not getting a proper connection with your phone. Try taking your case off, and retry the cord. Often this will fix the problem. If you love your case AND your LyteCord, we offer small dock extenders that will ensure a proper fit, even WITH your case on.  You can find them HERE.  If you have previously purchased from our website, we offer 50% off the normal price of these dock extenders. Just drop us a message when you register your product, and we will send you the discount code. :-) 

My phone says "Not charging" or "Accessory Not Supported" when I plug in my LyteCord

Smartphones love their proprietary accessories.....especially Apple, which is why you pay $30.00 for a basic charging cord from the Apple Store.  Often, when a software update comes out, you might get this message...but do not despair. There is a fix.....or your phone might be lying to you.  First off....even if your phone says its not charging, or that LyteCordz aren't supported, let it sit and charge overnight anyways.  There is a good chance your phone will actually be charged in the morning.

If that doesn't work, give this fix a try. You'll only have to do it once if it works.

1. Put your phone into airplane mode
2. Plug in your LyteCord
3. Power down your phone, and then turn it back on
4. With the cord still plugged in, take your phone out of airplane mode

The reason this works sometimes, is because iPhones, and some Android models actually have a chip inside them to recognize cords that aren't their own brand. Your phone will then send a signal across the Internet to double check this........and when the cord is an unrecognized brand, it will gives you this false message. By putting your phone into airplane mode temporarily, you disable this function, and your phone will recognize the cord from then out. 

Even though LyteCordz is not an "Apple Brand" we 100% Guarantee and stand behind our quality. Apple and Samsung just want you to pay triple price for their stuff......and they don't even MAKE light up cords. Pfft.

My Light Up Plug is getting uncomfortably warm

A little known fact is that iPhone and Android smartphones charge best at different amperages. iPhone require a 1.0 Amp Plug, and Androids require a 2.1 Amp plug. While using the wrong port won't damage your phone outright, it can effect the efficiency of the charge, and may actually REDUCE the lifetime of your phone's battery.  The LED Plugs WE sell have 2 ports in them.....a 1.0 Amp for iPhones, and a 2.1 Amp for Android/Samsung.  Double check you have your cord plugged into the correct port based on your phone type. Also, please note, the plug is supposed to get slightly warm to the touch, but not hot. 

Only half of my LyteCord is lighting up!

Multicolor Rainbow LyteCordz ONLY light up on the ends. There is sometimes a dim glow in the middle, but it is hit and miss. (Quantum fluctuations or something).  However, single color LyteCordz are supposed to light up the entire length of the cord. If yours isn't, let us know and we will ship you a replacement.

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