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Why buy from an independent online store?

By Jason Evans November 13, 2016 0 comments

        There is a myth rolling around cyberspace right now........that Amazon somehow has some magical ability to make packages on trucks move faster.  

        In this day and age, online shopping has become almost secondary......Amazon and Ebay have become household words.  But the big secret is that Amazon has no exclusive right on 2-3 day delivery. Today's logistics make it possible for ANY company, large or small, to get your items to you within a 2-3 day time frame, and offer ALL of the same guaranteed that are offered by the big online retailers. 

       Allow me to give you a glimpse into the world of the Amazon Seller. (We've been doing it for years).  Your ability to list a product is very limited. It has to cater to a very specific set of standards. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.  On one hand, it ensures that certain products which could be harmful or bootleg items are not listed on the site, but on the other hand, it severely limits the variety and styles a merchant can list.  Additionally, our interactions with our customers is SEVERELY limited. We can't email, we can't call, we can't send snail mail.....we can't do anything outside of the Amazon system. It was taken ALL of the personal touch out of the sales experience and reduced merchant and customer to interacting through a robot intermediary.

       It's cold. It's unfeeling. It's.....downright inhuman. 

      And then there is the lovely world of fees.  Amazon and Ebay charge ENORMOUS fees to the seller. There are subscription fees, commissions, advertising fees, inventory storage fees, oxygen fees, and caging-of-the-soul fees. Ok, I made those last two up, but you get the idea. Guess who those fees get passed on to?????? Something that could otherwise be sold for $9.99 on an independent website most likely has to be sold for double that just to pay for the privilege of having your eyes fall on it through Amazon.  Don't feed the machine! It's the same product, your just cutting out one of the middle men!

      And guess what.......when you are just ONE cog in the machine, things are more likely to go wrong......getting customer service is HARD.  You have to press 12 buttons on your phone just to talk to a human.  We don't have an automated system. We have a person sitting at a desk next to a phone.  When it rings, myself or my dad Richard will pick it up and says "Thanks for calling Phoenix Prime, can I help you?"  

      Seriously.....when is the last time that happened unless you were calling Joe's Barber Shop in downtown Wichita?

      Many of these protections were put in place originally for good reason. The ability to build a nice, functioning online store was limited to large companies and to basement dwelling members of Anonymous with dreams of burning the system down. We are not either of those. See that picture over there? That's my family! My wife Keli is a 4th grade schoolteacher, and my kids Chloe and Sawyer and 9 and 7 years old.

      And my name is Jason. My father Richard and I are the flight masters of Phoenix Prime. Please give us the chance to meet you and sell some of our amazing products. If you would like to know more, please call! 

      775-410-3884  (We are working on getting an 800 number, but this will do for now.)

      Now....we all know the internet isn't a warm and fuzzy batch of puppies rolling in rose petals. Of course, there ARE bad actors out there. We all worry about buying from small, unknown sites, never getting our merchandise, and next thing we know our Credit Card information is being sold on Reddit. 

     Yeah, we understand that......and we would NEVER let that happen. Every transaction you make is encrypted with the EXACT same level of security that the Big Stores use. We never even SEE your credit card information, and ALL of your personal data is passed through highly secure 3rd party cloud site. And there is SAFETY in smallness.......who the heck is going to bother coming after OUR data anyways? What has that company that recently spilled the data on half of America? Oh yeah.....Equifax....those guys.  Being big makes you a target for the hackers. We do NOT have that problem. 

    So why buy from an independent webstore? It's simple.  The price is lower, the service is immediately accessible, and you are NOT a number in a are person.

  Please give us the chance to treat you like one. Thanks for visiting! 



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