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The Story of Phoenix Prime

By Jason Evans November 16, 2017 0 comments

     So.....a while back we had this idea to sell a bunch of video games, toys, and random stuff on Ebay (like most people have had).  It went pretty fact we loved it. So my dad and I started talking and said, why don't we do this all the time? I mean, there is plenty of stuff out there to sell, right? Games, toys, clothes, movies.......all we had to do was find it! So.....we stopped selling stuff we had around the house and found some bonafide suppliers. Factories who could make exactly what WE wanted to sell, and to OUR specifications. We found wholesalers, overstocks, closeouts. All the places where we, and you, could find GREAT deals. 

     So we started selling on Amazon, Ebay, Alibris, Jet, and few other sites.  After a while we noticed a disturbing trend. All of these giant marketplaces were taking about 25% of our revenue. But what could we do? How else could we get all of our great products out into the marketplace? Well...nothing really.  Those folks are the giants. If we didn't sell there we really didn't have any visibility. 

  Fast forward about 5 years. We were doing pretty good on the big marketplaces. We had amazing customer ratings, loyalty programs, a big catalog, all the bells and whistles. It was going great. 

  But then, something changed on those big marketplaces.  The market was completely flooded with the exact same product, and was loaded with sellers that really had very little regard for customer service. Sure,  Amazon would probably just issue a refund if you have a problem, but in the end, you still didn't end up with the product you want.  Amazon and Ebay became jungles for sellers from all over the world. There was a good chance if you order a product it was actually being stored half a world away. (If at all). Often, sellers would list inventory they didn't even have available.  Talking with a human being who could actually HELP you with your problem became a day long process, with no sure result of reaching a resolution.

   So we decided to start moving in another direction. We were going to make OUR OWN website. would be hard to drive people there, and navigating the weeds of Google is a monstrous undertaking, but we had to start somewhere, right? Even the longest  journey.....yada yada. 

  So here we are, and here you are. Welcome to Phoenix Prime.  We GUARANTEE you products and customer service above and beyond what you would experience at the big box stores.  Thanks for giving us a look. We won't let you down. 


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